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The Great Princess Caper - Zari 4yo as “Princess Cadence”
Lucy the Lady Bird - Zara 4yo
The Parrot Tingco Tango - zhen 5yo
Hassan And The Chocolate Factory Aged 7 Come On Son Happy World Book Day
Hassan And The Chocolate Factory Aged 7 Happy World Book Day
Diary of a WImpy Kid- Andrew Age 12
Aaban on world book day as Gruffallo
Yasmine 8, Daaniyah 7, zakariyah 5 We had great fun making our costumes for world book day. We went as pippi longstocking, sophie from the BFG and fantastic mr fox. We all won best dressed in our classes!
Mr Bump - Class 4 winner Angad Singh Nagra - age 8
Macey Leigh stokes age 10 dressed up as little bo peep
Gangsta granny kacie aged 7
Harry Potter Oscar aged 4
Kai, aged 7 as the enormous crocodile !
Little red riding hood ❤️
Here is Ollie, 20 months old as the monkey from ‘Monkey Puzzle’
Here is Charlie, aged 4 as the farmer in ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.
Charlie Bennett-Osborne aged 10- as Henry.J.Waternoose iii, from Monsters Inc.
Charlie Bennett-Osborne aged 10 as Henry J Waternoose iii from Monsters Inc
Ellie as Goldilocks
Kenzie as batman
Keira age 9 as the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland from yardley Birmingham
This is Izabelle Stevens who is 9 today 🎂 as Gangster Gran, and her sister Krystal age 5, both go to St Gabriel’s school Tamworth, they live in Tamworth 🎂💕🌍📚😍
Hi, this is Rose Turner, aged 5 as Cruella De Vil for world book day. Thankyou
Jacob Browne aged 11 as the joker
8 year old Ashley and 6 year old Harley Mario and Luigi
Zachary from Solihull as Where’s Wally
My daughter Amelia aged 5 dressed as jessie from toystory and her trusty companion bullseye .
Ariahna aged 5 dressed as Goldilocks
Esha ahmed 7 gangsta granny from Birmingham
Max as a shark from the book shark in the dark.
Jake as slappy the dummy from goosebumps.
Our school asked pupils to dress as their future self. So here is my Son Jay, aged 8, who chose to dress up as a millionaire!
Deep in the forest lived a badger named Pete (‘Tidy’ by Emily Gravett). Matthew aged 3yrs.
‘Deep in the wood lived a badger named Pete’ (‘Tidy’) Matthew aged 3yrs
Bo aged 7 and Ivy aged 4
Ariel the Little Mermaid-Jessica Pugh (4) Newfield Park Primary School, Halesowen, West Midlands
Cenleigh Age 7 as the Dragon from Charlie Cooks Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson
Olivia Conway Age 5 From Our Lady Of The Wayside Went as The Hungary Caterpillar
Olivia Conway Age 5 Our Lady Of The Wayside Hungary Caterpillar
Cadence Age 9 as Mrs Fox from Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl
Libby age 9 rupunzel
WE QUIT!! The Crayons (Savaaj aged 6 - birthday boy) and Greg "Wimpy Kid" (Jannon aged 11)
💚 Our Enormous Crocodile 💚 Logan (4)
Fenix Lunt, 4 From Walsall, as Horrid Henry (:
Esme-Rose (on her fifth birthday!) as Six Dinner Sid with her beautiful mummy Coraline! Both getting ready for an exciting World Book Day at school!
Pippi longstocking- poppy age 6
Sophia aged 10 as Count Olaf from Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events
Cat in the Hat, Aleks 6 years old
Evelyn Rose Jones. Age 4 Kingsland Primary School Alice in Wonderland
Lady Bug-Miraculous Charlotte age 6
Ellie-Mae as Dorothy. More excited about world book day then own birthday. Have fun
My daughter Ava, aged 3, went to World Book Day as Mulan