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Casey Ward - age 6 Mary poppins
Little Red Riding Hood Sophia Ellams age 6
Brooke Parker-Moore, age 6.
Flynn 11 as Greg Heffley from Diary of a wimpy kid and Tilly 8 as Alice in wonderland.
Black beautys master Max Gratrix 10
Maisie as Harley Quinn
Jack Vaughan aged 8 The BFG
Cameron Lovelady (8) and Tiffany Lovelady (6) as Willy Wonka and Veruca Salt - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
Kurtis Jones-Kennedy age 8 Pug in Costumes Pug Potato
Matilda Swift age 5 as Little Red Riding Hood
Oliver, Louie and Connie as "The Fantastic Mr.Fox", "The tiger who came to Tea" and "Ghostbusters"
Esme aged 10 Willy Wonka and Euan aged 7 Mr Stink
Ryley Breen age 8 Whitby Heath Primary School. King Arthur for World Book Day
Andrew ‘Minecraft Steve’ Rutter and Thomas ‘Sir Scallywag’ Rutter
"Its fun to have fun but you have to know how!" #catinthehat Archie Curran, age 5."
Shrek and Bilbo Baggins Buns at Elton Primary school
Lacie aged 4 dressed as Elsa
Delamere Academy enjoyed World Book Day with a visit from a real author!
Olivia aged 1 dressed as Minnie Mouse
Sam Parry aged 6 - the handsome prince from Rapunzal for traditional tale theme world book day
Joe Spud - Billionaire Boy . Jaden Eymond aged 7
Josh Dry age 5, Year 1
Staff at Sutton Green Primary School!
Children at Sutton Green Primary School!
Children at Sutton Green Primary School
Luca Simpson, age 7, Guilden Sutton C of E Primary School. A dragon for The Dragon Machine!
George Thomas aka Umpa Lumpa age 3
Amber and Zach Williams - Huntington Community Primary
Summer age 5 loved being Dorothy Gale
Mrs Twit! Alice Kemp age 7
As mad as a Hatter! Evie Cannings age 7
Keeley-Jo Sherratt 5 as Wonder Woman :)
Reception class of Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary
Ben McGovern aged 5 as the BFG
Olivia Age 1 as Jemima Puddle Duck
William aged 5 as Where’s Wally
Staff at Newton Primary school having Shakespearean fun on World Book Day!
Georgia aged 10 as Mal from Descendants
Paige, seven, Paisley, four and Tommy, three
Oskar 8, Pearl 4, and Valentine aged 3 all ready for World Book Day
Oliver Jones, five as Harry Potter
Charlie and Darcie Richards aged 7 and 3, very excited to celebrate World Book Day.
A little Cat in the Hat - Ava Parry age 4
The Queens School held a Heroes and Villains dress up day along with a crime-writing workshop, quiz, competition and book sale.
The Queens Senior School held a Heroes and Villains dress up for Years 7-9 along with an author-led crime-writing workshop, book sale and quiz
Queens Lower School held a fundraising book swap to raise money for The Oaks School.
Frazer and Connie - Billionaire Boy 💰 and Zog the Dragon 🐉
Amelia Walker, five - Violet from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl day at Overleigh St Marys.
Hattie Dunmore-Mitchell at Abbey Gate College
Emma Doak at Abbey Gate College
Harry Morse at Abbey Gate College
Lucia Cunningham at Abbey Gate College
Harrison Tonge, three as Woody
Lilly-Mae Perkins 18 months starting her reading early with Peppa Pig
Leon Meredith, seven as Where’s Wally and Elli-Mae, four as Little Red Riding Hood
Harleigh Bennion, eight as Gangsta Granny
Phoenix Bennion, seven as Carl from Disney's Up and Jack Bennion 10 as Ratburger
Mark Jones (9) saving the world as Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Esmé Audrey aged 2
Karlie Lyon Age 8 as Verruca Salt and Hollie Lyon Age 3 as Woody ❤️
Autumn 20 months and Louie, four
Ruby Futcher aged 7 as Gangster Granny
Charlie age 5
Hollie Baker (age 8) as Thing 1 and Isabelle Baker (age 5) as Grace the Glitter Fairy
Drew age 10 and Erin age 7😊
Dylan Wright, six ready to save the world this book day!
Detective Fix trying to catch Phileas Fog Lewis 10 Jamie 6
Phoebe Tomlinson, six as Mildred Hubble From The Worst Witch
Izzy as Amanda Thripp
Uh-oh! Daisy Candlin is one of Roald Dahls Witches in disguise!!
Maisie Larkin from Tattenhall Park Primary as the White Rabbit
Dylan aged 10 as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
7 yr old Renae featuring as Gangsta Granny! #JewelThief
Harry aged 6 ~ Fantastic Mr Fox has already raided the premises of Walt Boggis!
Ava Diana Cheers, aged two
Elsie went as Dinosaurs Love Underpants and kept her pants on her head all day!
Hallie-Rae 3 years old
Oliver Halford age 5 year 1 Saughall All Saints
Azalea Green ages 2 and a half from Blacon. Dressed as Princess Anna of Arendelle from Frozen.
Olivia Sharp, seven and Lilly-rose Sharp, five
Azra, age 10, dressed as the Mad Hatter accompanied by her dormouse. Tucked away is a pack of cards and a special lunch box with cake and hot chocolate!
Kobie Cole Hindley, eight as the Mad Hatter at St Mary's of the Angels
Ben aged 2 as Paddington Bear
Harry Wheway I mean Dennis the menace off to cause some mischief at school this morning
Cedar class at Oak View Academy.
Juniper class at Oak View Academy
Sofia age 4 - Off to School Nursery as one of the Classics...Little Red Riding Hood 📚❤️
Holly and James age 7 Gangsta Granny and The Highway Rat
Miley Tudor age 8 as Gangster Granny
Amelia Jones as Goldilocks
Harvey, 4 going into Mollington pre-school as Captain Phasma for world book day.
Mya Williams age 5 as the very evil Maleficent, Mya had great fun making this outfit.
Tom Pimblett age 5 dressed as Woody
Tyler and Leo dressed as Fantastic Mr Fox and the bfg Age 5 and 4
Eleanor 8 and Charlie 3
Joseph aged 3
Henry Almond Age 5 Burt from Rat Burger by David Walliams
Meisha aged 9
Mr Stink will be stinking up school today. Thomas Lyons Age 9
Amy age 6 and Isabel age 5 as Fern from Charlotte’s Web and Stick Lady from Stick Man.
Amy from Huntington Primary School as little Red Riding Hood
Ellie, six as Pippi Longstocking
Maggie, six celebrating World Book Day at Holt CP School
Riley and Dylan aged six and four dressed up as Spiderman and Marshall
Chloe, five from Guilden Sutton Primary School dressed as the owl from Hattie Peck
Ben Smith of Helsby as one of the 3 Little Pigs
Geoff from Dairy Of the Wimpy Kid and Izzy Gizmo! Isabelle Andrews age 7, Joshua Andrews, age 9
Arren, aged 9, as Merlin (from Arthurian legend and medieval Welsh poetry).
Harriet - the grand high witch - Age 10 Eleanor - queen of hearts - Age 7
Chloe Neal aged 8 as Hermione and Josh Neal age 4 as Harry Potter
Mia Jeffs, seven celebrating World Book Day at Huntington Primary School.
Olivia, three from Broughton as Cruella De vil x
Lacey, eight from Broughton as the Queen of Hearts
Toby Stening, one as Harry Potter
Finnley Stening, five as Harry Potter
Ruby Stening, nine as June Mottershead from her favourite book Our Zoo (Chester Zoo's story)
Sofia, 4, and Ethan, 7, as Belle and Harry Potter
Kiera, 11 - the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz
Keira, eight as Gansta Granny and Charlie, six as Woody
Kaya as Amber from The Midnight Gang by David Williams
Marco, five - Prince Hamlet from William Shakespeare"s Hamlet
Lilia age 9 - Lady Macbeth from William Shakespeares Macbeth.
Dylan and Lexie cullen aged 10 and 6 dressed as little red riding hood and ratburger
Millie Jeffs, five celebrating world book day at Huntington Primary School as Cruella De Vil
Maple class group 3 at Oak View Academy
Maisie Harris, seven from Saltney is Rainbow Dash
Reception class at Delamere Academy
Who’s afraid of the BIG BAD wolf???!! Ruben and Calum Perkins aged four and six
Laiyla age 6 As Sleeping Beauty Imogen age 5 As Rapunzel
Lewis 9 The boy in the tower Tom 5 Where’s Wally Jack The dinosaur who pooped the past xx
Mason Chapman, four from Sutton Green Primary School, Ellesmere Port
Matilda Godfrey Age 2 as Dorothy
Ty, eight as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Eadie, three as Cruella De Vil
Oak Class group at Oak View Academy
Hawthorn class group at Oak View Academy
Omar ters aged 4 as a dragon from his favourite book ‘when the dragons came’
Sycamore class group at Oak View Academy
Willow class at Oak View Academy
Liam Blundell-moore Age 8
Maple class group at Oak View Academy
Maple class group
Acorn pre-school at Oak View Academy
Amy Baker (7yrs) as Hermione Granger and Neve Baker (5yrs) as Belle
Matilda Davies age 6 Guilden Sutton Primary School
Edith Davies age 10, Guilden Sutton Primary School
Evie Turner (7) going to Saughall All Saints as Hermione Granger
Jacob Rogers, age 8, Dee Point Primary, dressed as Willy Wonka.
Dylan Thomas, 4 and Nia Thomas, 7 all ready for a snowy cold book day
Where"s Wally (Charlie age 9) and Dinosaurs Love Underpants (Jack age 5) from Saughall
Harry Fox-Pritchard Age 7 Guilden Sutton Primary School Dressed as the dragon from The dragon machine book
Cole, Year 3 - Seal Surfer Dude!
William (8) is the Black Panther and George (6) is Snowdog.
Flying to school for World Book Day 2018, Oscar Lynch, Amelia White, Jackson Gilleland and Nathan Sharp (all aged 7)
Thing 2, Beatrice Bradley (5)
Where is Wally Now? Oliver Pritchard (7) and Thomas Stead (8)
Hearts and Hatters, Phoebe Warren (8) and Jessica Hand (7)
Nunsmere class -(Yr4) Delamere Academy World Book Day Author workshop with Rachel Delahaye
Year 5, Delamere Academy
Oakmere children enjoying World book day dressed as Julia Donaldson characters!
Layla 3 dressed as Cruella da Vill
Delamere C of E Academy
Amelia White (7) Ethel of Worst Witch, Alexandra White (5) Cheshire Cat of Alice In Wonderland and Elizabeth White (9) Stella of Awful Aunty for St Martins Academy
Shakespearean assembly to prepare for Shakespeare themed World Book Day celebrations!
Olivia Taylor aged eight - The Trunchbull arrives at Kingsley CP!