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Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast - Jackson Ashley, age 5, Clinton Primary School
Navtej Vetsa, age 8, as Harry Potter!
Boughton Leigh Junior School
Keighan, aged 7
M Sufyan, age 4, at Stanton Bridge Primary School as a cowboy
Keanon Gerrard, age 10, as Mr Stink from the Roald Dahl book
Harley Wykes, age 9
Sienna, age 4, Coventry
Axel, 11, Liam, 5, Soan, 7
Willy wonka!
Harry Potter!
William (age 4) as the Gruffalo!
Dennis the Menace causing chaos! Harvey Gibb, age 8, Weddington Primary School
Twin rainbow dashes, Skye and Lacey, age 5
Samuel Stables-Mooney, age 4, as the Lion from the book Dear Zoo
Daisy, age 6, as an Emerald Fairy and Finlay, age 10, is Sirius Black, both attend Sacred Heart RC School
Poppy Murray as Tiana in The Princess and The Frog
Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger aka Reuben (7) and Ella (5)
Ruby aged 8 as Matilda - she's a huge fan of Roald Dahl
Isa and Precious, Year 6, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Nicolas, Sameeda and Tasmina. Year 5, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Maria and Peyam, Year 4, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Reece, Iman and Kevin. Year 4, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Zayne Street, aged 4, as The Fantastic Mr Fox
Miraan, Sahand, Rashad and Jacob. Year 3. Stanton Bridge Primary School
Saeed and Hafash, Year 2, Stanton Bridge Primary School.
Sulayman, Year 1, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Zaaferia, Nuradni, Kassandra and Prusha. Year 1, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Taylor and Joseph, Reception, Stanton Bridge Primary School
Kya-Mai Wilson as The Book Fairy, Manor Park Primary School, Year 3
My daughters Lilia, age 8, dressed as Mary Poppins and Rosie, age 4, dressed as her favourite Troll Poppy
My daughter Skye, 5, as Dorothy and my niece Lauren, 8, as Matilda
Bronson Batchelor, age 5, Toothless - How to Train a Dragon
Frankie Rose as Golidlocks
The children at St Osburgs Breakfast Club were very excited to dress up for World Book Day!
Joshua Richards, age 3, Dinosaurs Love Underpants
All aboard the Hogwarts Express!
Harvey Jenkinson, 6, as Captain America
Kaysha as Pingu and Jay as an Egyptian Pharoah
Leilani Wilson, aged 6, as Skye from Paw Patrol
Layla Tucker, age 6, as Mary Poppins and Bobby Tucker, age 5, as Captain America
All Saints Church of England Primary, Coventry
My daughter, age 9, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood for the theme of traditional tales at Corpus Christi School
Libby-Louise Moore and Ruby-Mai Moore
Nancy, age 3 as Peter Rabbit
Zack Seymour, age 9 as The Mummy
Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland Ciaran and Lilly-Mai McCarthy, age 7 and 6
Dexi Seymour, age 3 as the Tiger who came to Tea
Louis aged 4 as Pinocchio Liam aged 6 as the Tin Man
Lacey-Leigh age 4 Little Red Riding Hood
Eva age 7 as Gangsta Granny
Clockwise from top left, Maisie Thomas, Lucy Gough, Jasper Pearton and Jack Ray from Wilmcote Primary School with their World Book Day artworks
Clockwise from top left, Eve Ashley, William Rhodes, Jacob Honemann-Hedges and Flynn Cooke-Allen from Wilmcote Primary School with their World Book Day artworks
Ethan Statham, age 8, as Sherlock Holmes
My cute son, aged 7, dressed as King Alfred for his fairy-tale themed World Book Day at Whitley Abbey Primary School
Mylo Shields, 7, is Paddington Bear
Supertato aka as Jakob (2) and The Hungry Caterpillar aka Mayzie (7 weeks) celebrating World Book Day
Theo, aged 7, in his homemade Phileas Fogg costume
Demi, age 6, at Potters Green Primary representing Emmeline Pankhurt #Suffragette #100yearsofwomensvotes
Samuel Hall, age 6, as Stick Man
Ralphy Rooney, age two, as The Gruffalo.
My Queen of Hearts Freya, age 7, and my Batman Jack, age 6
Our sons Harry, aged 3, Alfie, aged 6 and Charlie, aged 11. Our Fantastic Mr Foxes and Bert the Chimney sweep from Mary Poppins
Lukas and Livia Maloney, age 5 and 7, from Finham Primary School - very excited for World Book Day
My very own Dorothy, Paige, aged 4
Myiah in Year 2 as Fantastic Mr Fox Our Lady St Joseph Catholic Academy
Matilda in Year 4 at St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary School
Bert the Chimneysweep, Nico Bhambra, aged 7
Mary Poppins, Chloe Bhambra, aged 6
Allegra McCloskey, aged 5 Cinderella must go to the ball at Balsall Common Primary School.
Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney sweep - Chloe Bhambra, 6 and Nico Bhambra, 7.
Ross, aged 5 as TinTin and Snowy (for a snowy book day)
Finn, aged 8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Alfie as Dennis the Menace
Ted, age 8 as Where’s Wally
Millie, age 5 as Goldilocks
Adam Mosley, Bluecoat school.
The Day the Crayons Quit. Tay Mosley, 9
Robin M, 7 years old Jack and the Beanstalk
Our own Belle from Beauty and the Beast Annabel Wright, age 4
Lily, aged 8 and Sophie, aged 6 as Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox
Staff members dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 at St Mary and St Benedict Primary School
Paddington Bear in Year 4 at St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary School
My very own Emily from The Corpse Bride aka Kayleigh, aged 10.
The staff at St Augustines Catholic Primary School in Kenilworth!
Harry who is 7 today spreading the message about getting first aid on to the curriculum!
Willy Wonka in Year 3 at St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary School
Staff at Finham Park 2, Coventry. Ages = various!
Year 4 girls at St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary School
Cody, aged 8 as Harry Potter and Chloe, aged 3 as Supertato!
Alexis-Mai Pritchard, age 5 as Dorothy
Tommy, 8 as Captain Jack sparrow, Lola, 10 and Diary of the Killer Cat, and Oliver, 4 as Dog my Dragon.
Lucas, aged 6 as Elliot from Pete's Dragon
Kayun, 5 (BFG), Kaycia, 4 (Rapunzel), Kaydee 8 (Hermione) and Kaya, 11 months (Sleeping Beauty)
Matilda and Where's Wally?
Alix, age 5 as The Dinosaur that Pooped...
Órlaith, aged 3 as Little Red Riding Hood
Mason aged 7 as Voldemort
Brooke, 10 and Devon, 6 as Gangsta Granny and Captain Underpants.
Harley, aged 10 dressed as the Mad Hatter and Louie, aged 8 as Dennis the Menace all ready for World Book Day
Poppy-Mai, 4, The Mad Hatter
My Joker, Lucas aged 9
Aiden, aged 7 as Harry Potter and his brother Corey, aged 5 dressed as an Oompa Loompa
Ben, 11 as Dennis the Menace
My little Mad Hatter
Leo Joynson, aged 5 as Burt from Ratburger
Sophia, aged 5 as the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Rylan, 6 and Alfie, 8 Alderman’s Green Primary School
Caitlin Young as Esio Trot and Jacob Young as the tortoise from the Tortoise and the Hare
Leland Stanley, age 6, being Harry Potter
Where's Wally, starting young!
Cat in the Hat
Amelia, 8, and Harry, 6, as Gangsta Granny and Dipper from Gravity Falls
Ethan, 4, and Owen, 2, as The Highway Rat and The Gruffalo
Hermoine from Harry Potter - Serina age 7 - Stockingford Primary School
Reece Nunn, 8, as Gingy the Gingerbread Man, and Ryan Nunn as a Minion x
My lovely grandkids Junior, 6, as Where's Wally, Reggie, 3, as Woody and Faith, 2, as Jess both Toy Story