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Woodham Walter winners of World Book Day!
Rebecca as Wander
Some of the children, staff and head teacher from Ingrave Johnstone Primary School as their favourite book heroes and villains.
Harriet as Demon Dentist
Archie Gadson ,Holly Trees School, as Harry Potter
Samuel as Harry Potter
Logan, as a Chinese dragon
Jessica Hobson, age 5, as Goldilocks
Yasmin Haynes, age 10, as Annie
Emily Riches, age 5, and Jack Riches, age 7
Archie Stack as Mr Bump
Sunmer Glen, age 5, Little Red Riding Hood
Leo, age 5, as The BFG
Amelia-Lilli Hiskey, age 4, as Matilda
Annabelle, age 4, as the ladybird from What the Ladybird Heard
Finlay Butler, age 9, as Mr Stink
Hudson, age 6, the real Willy Wonka
Alfie, age 4, and Stanley, age 2, enjoying their first world book day!
Amélie Restall, age 6, as Matilda
Bethany Popsi, age 7, as Bethany the ballet fairy
Sienna Neroni, age 7, as Annie
Maisie Martin, age 6, as The Cat in the Hat
Poppy, age 9, bringing the mood and magic
Justin, age 7, and Logan, age 3, as Lego men
Jacob Milroy as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Year 6, St Peter’s C of E Primary School
Isabella, age 3, as Cinderella and Juan, age 7, as an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Alfie Driscoll, age 11, Up, Up and Away!
Kieran, age 3 1/2, and George, age 2 Owlette and Gecko ( PJ Masks )
Harry, Alex and Sophie Tiffen (age 10, 8 and 4) as Skulduggery Pleasant, Charlie Bucket and Angelina Ballerina
Ella, age 5 months, and Freddie, age 4 months, as Tale As Old As Time
Orla Margaret McLean as The Mad Hatter ‘He Likes Tea!’
Oliver, age 9, as Chewbacca
Jessica, as Rey from Star Wars
Daisy, age 10, as Alice after eating the "eat me cake" in the White Rabbits house
Jay Petchey from Lawford Mead as The Hunter from the Christmasaurus
Tilly Holder, age 6, and Anna Bennett, age 6, as Thing 1 and Thing 2
George Turner, age 5, as Zog
Toby, age 4, the man in the yellow hat from Curious George
Oliver Brooks, age 8, as Soot from Awful Auntie
Isobel Finch-Hutchins, age 5, as Red Riding Hood and Daniel Finch-Hutchins, age 7, as Horrid Henry
Pippa Sturgess, age 5, Red Riding Hood
Thomas Aslett, age 9, Mr Stink
Ava, age 3, My Monster Loves Underpants
Heidi Beaumont, age 10, as a Minion, Long Ridings Primary School
Pilot Adam, age 4
Gansta Granny and a Ratburger
Nora as Gangsta Granny
Hollie Warner, age 10, as Mary Poppins and Hadley Warner, age 8, as Gangster Granny, St Peter's, South Weald
Alydia Claydon, age 7, as Alice in Wonderland and Stanley Claydon, age 3, as Peter Rabbit
Harrison, age 10, as Joe Spud from Billionaire Boy
Skylar, age 5, as an Oompa Loompa
Jemima, age 11, and Matilda, age 9
Emilia, age 6, as Alice in Wonderland
Finley Perry, age 6, and Oscar Perry, age 4, St Peter’s School
Millie Johnson, age 8, as Mal from The Descendants
Rohaan S, age 7, as spy Alex Rider
George Birleson, age 5, as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Grace, Lola, Olivia, Beau and Lucy as Pink Ladies
Erica Rodway, age 8, as Mary Poppins 'practically perfect in every way'
Imogen Sawyer, age 4, as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Ffion Cole, age 7, as Hermione Granger
Sam Sawyer as Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham
Luke Sawyer, age 10, as the mummy from Curse of the Mummy
Onyx Hogarth, age 8, as an Oopma Loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Lowri Cole, age 10, as Rita Skeeter
Emily Edwards, age 6, Cat in The Hat
Lucca, age 7
Joe Payne, age 10, as Aliens Loves Underpants
Alice Howe, age 7, as Wonder Woman
Daniel, age 8, as Fantastic Mr Fox
Olivia and Max B, age 10 and 7, as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat
Charlie Phillips, age 6, as Fantastic Mr Fox
Charlotte, age 9, as Annie (she has the original book too!)
Evie Cross, age 7, as Funnybones
Charlie Woodhouse as Harry Potter and Grace Woodhouse as Belle, St Peter’s School
Archie, age 5, as Willy Wonka
Taran Sidhu, age 9, and Maya Sidhu, age 10, as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat
Marcie Day, age 10, is Clover Moon, Long Ridings Primary School
Roman Clark, age 7, as Mario
Sam Cross, age 9, is Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Jack Judd, age 9/79, as Mr Stink, St Peter's School, South Weald
Pippy as Pippi Longstocking
Ted Tuckerman, age 3, as a very cold Hungry Caterpillar
Bethany Threadwell as Willy Wonka and George Threadwell as Albert from War Horse
Max Pounder, age 10, as Billionaire Boy