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Sebastian as Bear from The Bear Hunt...age 2
Ellie as Hermione Granger and Faith as Wonder Women.
Noah Baxter Aged 5 Peter Rabbit
Alfie Jones age 7 #alfiepotter
Roy of the Rovers - part II
You are never too old to dress up! I was a rather predictable Roy of the Rovers.
Joshua age 6 as a mixture of characters.
Pollyanna (5) as one of the stars of Gymnastics Glory and Beth (11) as Harry Potter
Beth (11) as Harry Potter
Tulisa may age 5 dressed as cinderalla ❤️❤️❤️
Maisy-mai aged 5 dressed as gangsta granny
Eden aged 6 is the unicorn from her favourite book sugarlump and the unicorn
Harry Suter on the left as ‘Harry and his Bucket of Dinosaurs’ Alfie Suter as Kylo Ren from Star Wars
Lysander as Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs
Nico as The Grinch
Evie-grace aged 6 dressed as Cinderella
Phoenix- 11 years old-Mad Hatter
Scarlett enjoyed her day as Dorothy from The wizard of Oz , especially the sparkly red shoes 😁
REAL CHARACTERS! Staff from Judgemeadow Community College dressed up to celebrate World Book Day
Martha Age 7 dressed as one of the Three Little Pigs
Leilah as Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch!
Charlie-Mark Woolridge age 4 wanted to be a Oompa Loompa
Kenzie Woolridge age 8 Fantastic Mr Fox from Roald Dahl
Oscar aged 2 as postman pat
Grace as Miss Trunchball aged 10
Gwyneth went as Violet from "A place called perfect" one of her favourite books!
Sophie Harding as Hermione Granger
My daughter Florence and I dressed as the Mad Hatter and Maud Spellbody
Willy Wonka
Esmee-jayne as sleeping beauty aged 3 mummy and daddy perfect princess
Kai Crowson ready to save the city today and celebrate his 7th birthday tomorrow!
Lilly-may age 10 as Hermione ✨
Gordee-Rae Haines Age 4 Oh What Big Eyes You Have
Lincoln Loud from The Loud House comic book also know as Spencer (6)
Dion john
jayden ,as rat burger man.,zain and Quinn as wheres wally
Shantel john age 14
my little frenchy sienna 5 years old
Darsh age 7 dresses as Peter Pan
Shreya age 10 as Hetty Feather
Mary poppins and Harry Potter
Anay Kotecha aged 2 as Peter Rabbit
Lleyton aged 4 wearing the outfit from Peter Pan as it was a Disney theme at school.
Matilda 6 years - my little Minnie the Minx 😄
Morgèn,Teagan + Reigan as hermonie,madhatter and scooby Doo
My Boys Evan (6) and Jack (4) dressed up as Cat in the hat for World Book Day!!
My Red Riding Hood! #worldbookday
Liberty-Rae Age 5! Matilda.. Lissi Doll Her Very Own Newt.. 💙 Libertys favourite film 💙 World Book Day 2018
Poppy (3) dressed as a forest from the book where the wild things are :)
Teachers in on the action aswell year 4
Neve Sawbridge age 11 years Inglehurst class room works book winner
Layla age 7 Cat in the hat
Param age 5 Minkey Puzzle🙊
Louie 7 joe and Sam 3 yr old twins Peter rabbit tiger who came to tea and a wally
Mr Strong
Louie Packwood 7 Where’s wally
Friends Ben, 4 and Oscar, 3 enjoying world book day at pre-school!
Samuel anstead age 3 Peter rabbit
Joseph anstead age 3 tiger that came to tea
My daughter Lilly-may age 8 dressed as Harley Quinn
Theo, 7 is Harry potter, Isabella, 5 is kitty lacey.
Evie Davie as Hermoine Granger, age 9
Charlie aged 10 and Poppy aged 3 as a teenage mutant ninja turtle and rapunzel
Kiara (age6) as Cat in the Hat, and Lia (age 10) as Hermionie Granger from Harry Potter.
Our little golden puppy Jessica Age 6
My beautiful Mary poppins
Sophie Harding my harmarni
Mason Harding my walley
My little Oompa Loompa
Lewys 3 A’s Comic Book Character Spider-Man
Frank (10) and Emily (7) as The boy in a dress and Gangster Granny.
Alexis Popat age 9 dresses as Mary Poppins
Phoenix 8- captain Blackbeard, Martha-may 4-officer Pugh and Finlay 9-Grabber Dan from Cops and Robbers
Alexis age 9 dressed as Mary Poppins
Captain America
Harley Quinn
Evvie-dawn dressed up as little riding hood and Oscar-martyn dressed up as the beast from beauty and the beast
Willow, 4
Skarlett 7 Yellow brick road
Fun at work looking for the Wallys!!!🤣📚
Amera (7) As Lakshmi from her favourite book about the hindu goddess
My Muggle Imogen Bethell aged 7
Ava Deeveyiliffe age 7 Matilda
Jayce Ward - Age 6 Fantastic Mr Fox 🦊 #roalddahl
Kyle Hall aged 9 - so excited to be a Gansta Grannie
Ava age 3 dressed as the perfect character for the weather Elsa 😊
Kruz age 7 and Karter age 4 both as Black Panthers for World Book Day
Anna - Paige aged 6, Elsa - Ceira aged 5. Both so excited for World Book Day 🌍📚😍 Enjoy 😊 xx
Winnie the witch and Elsa xx Gracie 7 and Lola 6 xx
Isla-Rose 3
Kaelun age 10 as charlie
Niamh age 6
Tailey-Mai age 5
Mia age 3 101 dalmations
Leon and Esmae age 6 and 4 has horrid Henry and Perfect Peter
Tilly bagnall aged 6 as a naughty seagull from the lighthouse keeper books
101 Dalmatians. Shay Kelly aged 6
Mia Humphreys 3yrs old
Tian Patel as Willy Wonka age 4 years old. Catherine Infant School.
My daughter 5 year old Esmè dressing up as Mary Poppins for world book day ! She eas so excited and went into school singing "spoonful of sugar" !
Oliver Oompa loompa Aged 5
Brothers Joe, 9 and James, 5 as an Oompa Loompa and Mr Bump!
Ruby Colclough age 10 Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus!
Isabella Deeveyiliffe age 10 thing 1 Pheobe copson age 9 thing2 Cat in the hat
Amelia aged 10 as Tweedledee
Cruella Deville,1 down 100 to go!! Katie aged 7
My little beauty as Alice in Wonderland, Chloe aged 8
Isabella 5 and Brodie-Lee 7 Tinkerbell and Peter Pan xx
Harley aged 6 as Harry Potter
Michael 7 and Melchias 3
My daughter Taylah-mai as Cinderella age 6
Rokko age 6 dressed as his favourite bear Paddington
My very own Wally Tyrhys age 6
Olivia aged 5 as Moody Margaret
Caitlin aged 3 - her very first world book day and she loved it!!!
Minnie Mouse Amelia Age 10
Poppy’s 13weeks! Only just rocking her reindeer onsie
Daniel AKA Boy in a dress
Amelia Hill age 8 as her fave unicorn
Lola-Mae age 4 dressed as Alice In Wonderland for world book day at school
Tilly as Betty bold and Freya as Mildred bubbles cat, tibby
Elliott age 3 Oompa Loompa
Ethan aged 5 ready for world book day at St Thomas More Catholic primary school
Haris, age 2
Harry 9 Sophie 1 Grace 7 Newt scamander kitty cat and Mildred hubble
Dennis the menace and Harry Potter! Zane 9 Jude 7
Mcorley as Horrid Henry, Callie as Harley Quinn
My very own wizard 😍
Isaac Hawthorne age 2
Tyga-Lilly Aged 4 As Lily Rabbit From Peter Rabbit
Scarlett 5. The witch from room on the broom.
Oliver aged 5.
Zak aged 6
Lottie 11 Oscar 7 Cats in the hats
Olivia as Alice aged 7 Oscar as Harry Potter aged 6
Lilian dressed as Goldilocks for World Book Day
Lennox, 6yrs old as a Rubiks cube.
Kyle smith age 6 dress as the lion from wizard of oz
Mummy forgot all about World Book Day! Nothing a bin bag, a stick and a little eye liner couldn’t fix. Taetum aged 4
Amelia aged 3
Aiden kelly 10year old wanted to go school has Mickey mouse today.
Really he is the smallest friendly giant :)
Daisy Davids aged 10 as Little Red Riding Hood all toasty before stepping out into the big freeze
Harper-Tayla age 4
All the way from deepest darkest Peru in the snow to Hall Orchard Orimary School, Barrow Upon Soar
Cyan - 6 - Gangsta Granny
Riley age 10 Armani age 7
Alice has paid Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum a visit x
Olivia aged 3 as Belle from beauty and the beast
Jacob and Elijah Age 6
Book is a dream that you hold in your hands.. so very true And I personally can experience this with Varad..
Rhea age 11 as Luna Character From Harry Potter Sohum age 6 as Tiger who came to Tea
Kids dressed up as PJ masks. Louisianna age 6. Keegan age 3
Here we have Goldilocks, Gangster Granny and Peter Pan. Also known as Sophie 6, Josh 10 and Bethany 3.
Jesse 6, Xander 3 And Érowyn 1. The Things from Cat in the Hat.
Matilda age 9- Alice in Wonderland’s The Mad Hatter!
Phoebe age 4 1/2 is Cottontail and Jesse age 2 is The Little Prince ready for World Book Day!
Bo Green Age 5 as Little Red Riding Hood
sohum age 6 ( Tiger who came to Tea )
McKenna-petal age 14 months enjoying her first World Book Day at nursery x
Riya aged 11 as Chewbacca and Yash aged 9 is Fantastic Mr Fox
Izabella age 7 and Max age 3 as Where’s Wendy and Where’s Wally
Max (6) and Ben (4) celebrating their love of books and reading as the Cat in the Hat and Harry Potter!
Mary Poppins aka Elsie aged 6
Cole Benjamin Age 3 Dressed as Harry Potter for pre-school
Toby Jackson as Clock the BoxTroll
Milo and Rory (9 and 6) As Melvin Sneedly from Captain Underpants
Alyssa age 4 and her brother Charlie age 2, dressed as Wendy and Peter Pan
Olivia-Rose Smith 5 years old
This is Kai (8 years old) dressed up as one of his favourite characters Oliver Twist!
Florence aged 5 as Maud Spellbody from The Worst Witch
James and Anastasia as Mad Hatter and Dorothy Vampirina.
Dion Valentine aged 2 dressed up as Willy Wonka.
My little Alice
Poppy age 2 as her favourite character Poppy
Tanai-Leah aged 6 as Mary Poppins
Amy age 8 mark age 10 Ella age 6
Kade age 11, Billionaire boy. Kezia age 6, Princess and the pea.
This is Spencer, hes 10 years old and loves the diary of a wimpy kid collection. He really wanted to be roderick! Punk rock!!
Savannah Henry ages 6 where’s wally 📚👩‍🎓😀
Lillie-Esme as her favourite princess age 5
This is Braiden, he's 5 years old. He loves the dinosaur range and loved painting his rainbow!! Happy reading!
Abigail -6 Katie - 5 Emelia - 5
Oscar aged 7 dressed as his real-life hero, author and book character, Bear Grylls!
Cirayah age 4 as Cindy Lou Who “where are you Christmas”
Mia age 7 as Gansta Granny 😂
Kaelan Gogna, Age 6 dressed as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Noah age 5yrs - Boy from The Polar Express
My three beautiful children boy is age 3 daughter age 6 and daughter age 7 Kailan Ria and Macey my son doesn’t go to school yet but wanted to join in the fun 😂
Bella Pope as a Wonka bar/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Our crazy cat lady Ivy, 15 months, enjoying dressing up has her favourite animal in books!
Dillon Age 9 and Isla Age 5
Maisie age 9yrs Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Eden Pope in foundation year as Cat in the Hat!
Fin aged 10yrs The Boy in the Dress!
Our beautiful Lioness Alissia aged 15 months enjoying her 1st World Book Day
My beautiful Lioness Alissia aged 15 months enjoying her 1st World Book Day at Nursery today 💗
Summer-Rae as Verrucca Salt Lilly-Star as Matilda and Poppy-Mae as Alice in Wonderland
Charlie age 9 The Artful Dodger
Kayden age 6 as Fantastic Mr Fox
Jack 6 as Batman and Charlie 4 as Fireman Sam
Zanthe aged 9 - my very own little Wendy
Finley Harding. Busy being Wally.
My little man wanted to be Blaze Devon Lee Ralton 4 years old from Leicester
Lilly (Rapunzel) aged 7 Summer (Goldilocks) aged 5
Tyrell age 10 - David Walliams Bad Dad book
Laraya Age 4 dressed as the Lion from Dear Zoo
Oompa loompa Kieran enjoying the fun aged 9
Willow Staniforth - 19 months old dressed as Matilda
Theodore, Dressed as Peter Pan Aged 6
Naomi aged 8 trying to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
We’re all mad down here Lily age 9 as the Cheshire Cat
Aeowyn - Age 5 . Space Girl
Reece, aged 4. Sam I Am from Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham
Lily-Mae aged 6 as Alice and Summer-Rose aged 3 as Minnie Mouse
Ellie age 10 Evie age 6
My Fantastic Mr Fox Abigail aged 5
Jacob aged 8 as Oliver Twist and Archie aged 6 as Batman, they had to include their sister Nancy 10 months they said she was Matilda as she’s wearing a blue dress
Oliver age 5 Rio age 4 Mercedes age 11
Lilly Ames aged 5, dressed as Goldilocks
Karma Daisy, 4, as Alice in Wonderland and Pagan Ivy, 3, as Matilda.
Lilly Patrick age 5 as a beautiful Mary Poppins xxx
Daisy 9 Alice in Wonderland Tyler 4 The Hulk 📒📒📒📒
Tianna-Louise aged 7 as Pippi Longstockings
Joseph-darcy Ward aged 9 Captain Underpants tra la la
Isabel aged 10 is Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch who Stole Christmas
Daisy Raynor aged 10 as Minnie Mouse
Harvey aged 9 as Where’s Wally and Aaron aged 8 as Oompa Loompa from Loughborough
Tia Messenger aged 8 ready for a day at Hogwarts
Dont blame her for the weather, but Willow Ashe, aged seven, was the Snow Queen for World Book Day at Hill Top in Ashby.
Violet aged 8 as the Cheshire Cat
Tillie Messenger ready for Hogwarts age 2
London Mills. Age 5 Miss Trunchbull - Matilda
Railen Shaw Age:4 Captain America 😊
Isabel Simpson as Cindy Lou Who
Harvey aged 9 as Where’s Wally and Aaron aged 8 as Oompa Loompa from Loughborough
Archie aged 5
Violet aged 8 as the Cheshire Cat 🐱
Lilly Harrison age 9 Cat in the Hat
Ella, 4 as Sophie from The Tiger who came to Tea
Polly - Aged 6
Tommy-joe Age 5 - Stormtrooper
Poppy Lee Age 5 As Matilda
Owen 9yrs Olivia 5yrs Ethan 3yrs Kaylen 3yrs
Evie (6) and Tyler(3) as Oompa loompas from charlie and the chocolate factory
Jaxson Taylor aged 6! Little kylo Ren! X❤️X
Jersey Taylor aged 9. Little Mary Poppins x❤️X
Tommy Messenger age 5 as Harry Potter
Evie and Tyler Wellington aged 6 and 3
Super Mario! Jake Aged 7.
Tilly Boulton as Verucca Salt
Arlen age 4 and Faron age 6 as The BFG
Oskar age 6 and Viktor age 3.
Tyrell (Age 10) loving Bad Dad book by David Walliams Laraya (Age 4) as a Lion from the Zoo book
Brooke Cooper Queen of Hearts
Ella-Rose Blackburn Age 6
Finlay Cowan aged 10 dressed as Sherlock Holmes
Rhiyan.....5 next month! Using his magic as Harry Potter ☺️
Faye aged six, as a Ghostbuster! 👻
My 10 year old daughter Abigail dressed as Ratburger!
Jamie Poulton age 8, Taylor Poulton age 6 and Leah Huish age 10
Staff at Willowbrook Primary Academy dressed as "Aliens love underpants" performing to children in our World Book Day assembly
Freddie Leitch, 5, The Highway Rat!!
Jensen Mouland as Mad Hatter
Layla Lynch aged 10 from Sileby The Snow Queen from Narnia
Hannah and Leila as Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Liam age 9, George age 6 and Ella age 4
My amazing confident boy Kayden aged 11 as The Boy in the Dress
Joseph Ward aged 8
My girls dressed up as Gangsta Granny and the girl from Chatlotte's Web
Maycee age 8 and Tilly age 7
Loanne Burden as Little Red Riding Hood age 5
Gracie-mae aged 4 as Spider Woman.
Layton Simpson as Mad Hatter age 3
Maisie aged 3 as Snow White
Happy World Book Day everyone. Snow day or no snow day, let’s all celebrate books! Today the pupils will be involved in lots of fun activities at Little Hill Primary School.
Cirayah age 4 as Cindy Lou who “where are you Christmas”
Toby, 6 and Olive, 4 as Asterix and Obelix.
Brodie, Age 8 as The Cheshire Cat
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Alfie age 6
Alfie age 6. Caitlin age 9
Harvey Lee Bale aged 9 The Little Bookworm
Kye Fox age 8 and Ivan Fox ages 6
7 year old Lily as the singing mermaid for world book day.
Owen 9yrs Olivia 5yrs Ethan 3yrs Kaylen 2yrs
World book day Finley age 9 Super mario
Hanna aged 9 as Oompa Loompa
Dolton age 6 as Incy Wincy Spider
Reuben aged 5
Esther, 7, as Paddington Bear, George, 6, as Where's Wally and Elizabeth, 9, as Luna Lovegood.
Gracie Holland (aged 9) as Medusa
Denon Pryor age 8 Tayah-rose Pryor age 6 Piper Pryor age 5
Henry Holland Aged 6 from Birstall becomes the Tin Man!!!
What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson Freya age 3
Ellis Brightwell aged 7 Our very own umpa lumpa
Pavan age 7 as TMNT. Keshvi age 2 as Peppa Pig
Andrew, aged 5 is Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles today!
Charlotte as Voldemort age 9 Erin as hermione granger age 5
Patrick Ludden (Age 10) Thing 1 from Cat in the Hat
Alyssa Hillyer AKA Mad Hatter Age 11
This is Libbie Rae marriott All excited to dress up as her favourite princess belle
Anthony (age 9)as a "Harrold" from his favourire book "Capitan Underpants". #WorldBookDay
Amy jones 8 years old
My very own Captain America #worldbookday (Laylon John aged 6)
Sienna brookes age 9
My little girl as iggle piggle
Diaz Connolly Aged 6 Dressed as Cruella De Vil
Spider Girl - Isabelle Williams Age 3
Elijah Palmer aged 8 Im stick man Im stick man....thats me Church hill juniors Thurmaston
Clara age 10 as Mary Poppins, Callie age 6 as a unicorn.
George (6) and Grace (4) a.k.a Ninja and Mog
Sam Rushin