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Children from St Annes and St Josephs RC Primary School Accrington celebrating World Book Day yesterday Thursday 8th March
George standring, 5 ready for world book day dressed as frodo baggins
Poppi age 6, aka Gangsta Granny!!
Poppi age 6 aka Gangsta Granny!!
Daisy-Mae as the golden ticket from Willy Wonka!
Sebastian dressed as the dinosaur who loves underpants. He goes to Alkrington pre-school and has enjoyed book day today after it was cancelled on snow day.
Sophie age 2 as a Pirate and Mia age 5 as Lily from Peter Rabbit
Twins Richa Ritu dressed up as Disney Princesses for World Book Day!
Mia 8 (cat in the hat) Lily 6 (little princess) x
My grandson Cole age 2 as the Hulk x
Oliver and Freya, Mr Bump Miss Mad Hatter
Freya as Mad Hatters Tea Party, Greave Primary Stockport
Theo aged 8 dressed as fantastic mr Fox Tevin aged 4 dresses as gruffalo And Tegan and Tobias dressed as Jessie and woody from toy story
Sienna smethurst As gangster granny! Age 7
Goosebumps Slappy the living dummy! Frankie Caldwell from wythenshawe. Age 7 x
Edward, age 5, as the Magic Faraway Tree
Lexie Duerden, aged seven, as Mary Poppins
Ewan aged 7, Malakai aged 5, We’re going on a bear hunt
Happy World Book Day from Pinocchio! Also known as Holly Sachro, aged 7 from Timperley!
Gangsta granny
Cole Cusick as Woody Age 2
Lottie Cusick as Dorothy Age 4
Twins Tobias and Tegan, two years old, dressed as Jessie and Woody from Toy Story
My son went to school as Tin man, his name is Harrison Grady and he won
Ewan aged and Malakai ages 5, going on a bear hunt
Louie Farry age 3
Gangster granny , Abby age 9
Gangsta Granny found Wally and Moaning Myrtle was reincarnated.
Sophia, aged five, as the book fairy
Off with their heads! The Queen of Hearts and Little Red Riding Hood!
Summer, aged five
Riley and Dexter as Mario and Luigi
My daughter Kameron aged 11 chose a page from my book on pop art!
Eric Cantwell, aged two
My grandson Oliver, age three, from Reddish
Shaniah Roache, St Aidan's, Where's Wally
Calliah, two,Mummy's little Cruella
Rhys, Casey and Lewis
Ayaan - 3years old
Darcie aged 3 on her birthday for world book day
Inspirational Mr Thomas dressed as Black Panther #Wakandaforever
Harley Redford - Age 2
Logan Harris 4 Years Old - Darth Maul Locklan Harris 2 Years Old - Gekko Pj Mask
Honey age 6
Kenzi aged 7 from Delamere school Flixton As little red riding hood
Dominic Rowle: 6 “Labyrinth”
Sylvester age 7 dressed as The rat burger
Bobby McCarney age 4 dressed as his favourite character from his fave book Harry Potter... My little wizard.
Zahra Ayub Diary of a wimpy kid Age 7
Keir Age 4 - Knight Keir
Layla Butler, from Swinton, aged two
Ash from Fantastic Mr Fox - Olivia and George
Jacob Renshaw aged 4 as Captain Jack Sparrow
Robyn Leigh, aged seven, dressed for a bee theme World Book Day. Manchester.
Amelie Lloyd age 3 The witch from Room on the Broom
These are some photos from St Andrew’s Primary in Oswaldtwistle. You can see more on our Facebook page.
These are some photos from St Andrew’s a primary in Oswaldtwistle.
My beautiful baby Amelie Lloyd aged 3 went as the witch from Room on the Broom, one of her favourite books
Victoria as Dorothy Gale. She is aged 7
Hope-Ellen age 4 The White Queen , from Alice in wonderland through the looking glass
Charlie Ray aged 2.. Peter Rabbit
Olivia-Rose age 3 Goldilocks
Our lady of Lourdes Bury pupils school is closed Sienna-Rose Quinn Age 8 Matilda Scarlett Quinn Age 6 Dorothy
Lilly-may age 6 as Merida from brave, this is her real hair
alex cash- age 12 from manchester . school pioneer house .dressed as hunger games jennifer lawrence aka katniss
Home made Cat In The Hat Kacie Marie 2years old!
Lexie-ann aged 2 as little red riding hood
Oli Bottomley Age 10 Peter Pan’s “The Shaddow”
Narohn age 3 Nieroh age 2 Thing 1 and Thing 2
Jaxon aged 2 as woody lacey aged 9 as mary poppins
The cat in the hat 🎩 ollie age 5
My lovely grandson Sebastian aka The Cat in the Hat
Tomas, aged 1, dressed up as Chase from Paw Patrol
Olly age 6 - Pinocchio for world book day.
Isla aged 3 as Belle
Jacob 6 as Harry potter, Liam 4 as Peter rabbit and Kara Fallows 8 as Hermione granger
Alissa 9 - Violet Beaureguard and Anay 20 months - The Cow that jumped over the Manchester moon
Ruby Beau aged 8. Little miss muffet and her very own hand made spider.
Olive age 5 as Miss Honey
Malakai st peters and johns rc salford humpa lumpa x
Kidzrus Nursery Swinton ~ When Cruella meets Matilda! 🌎📚
Burt from Ratburger (my 11 yr old daughter Niamh)
Roman Inglis Aged 4 as David Walliams Ratburger
James Armstrong aged 7 as Neil Armstrong
Ava-Lily Ellis, ages 7 as Matilda
Mia Olive Ellis, age 4 as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony
Sienna age 6 from Chorlton as an umpalampa
Hamza is trying to turn his cousin Liyanah into a cheeky monkey, using his magic tricks :)
Sienna the umpalampa age 6
Teagan Nolan as Minnie Mouse Age 3
Leo Nolan as Harry Potter Age 2
This is Chantae aged 9 dressed as Sassy Mad Hatter for world book day 2018!
Josh dressed as Tom from Beast Quest.
Noah Mcmahon age 7
Jacob Mcmahon age 6 with Mum (Wally and Wanda)
Kemuel age 5 as Paddington Bear his favorite book character . We had lots of fun making the suitcase
Name: Hamzah Bilal Khawaja (Harry Potter) Age: 5 School: St Johns school (Reception)
Freddie, 5 as Norman the slug and Oscar, 6 as superworm
Twins Denico and Rhianna - Age 7
Ruby-Rae Limbert aged 5 being Jessie and bullseye from toystory
My gorgeous grandson Joseph on his first world book day making a very cute postman pat with Jess his car!
Isabella Age 7 Swinton as Miss Trunchbull #matilda
Hayden james age 5 bridgehall primary school dressed as willy wonka for world boy day
Esme Emily Chapman aged 3 LOVES The Gruffalo 😊❤️
Twins Denico and Rhianna age 7 from Clayton
Louis Fletcher, Aged 5 years from Cheadle as Horrid Henry!
Alice in Wonderland - Molly age 4 The Gruffalo - Albie age 2 Loving their first Book Day
My gorgeous nephew Charlie Ryan as The Gingerbread man
Lacey - 6 being her comic star Harley Quinn
Cody age 10. As Winnie the pooh. School theme is bears
Niamh Corsten age 10 as Hermione granger
Salford’s very own Jolly Postwoman Betsy Johnstone age 5 from Clarendon Road Community Primary School
Zak Wakefield as Buzz lightyear
Molly aged 4 and Albie aged 4 Alice in Wonderland and The Gruffalo
Alfie Mcgwynn age 9 as Billionaire boy Riverview primary school, Salford
Felix and Jasper were all ready for book day - then school got closed :(
Lewis Milton age 6 a fish from tiddler by Julia Donaldson
War horse Connor Milton age 10
Dylan age 6 and Sophie age 3 for world book day
Eloise Clark aged 20 months as Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Ellis burns aged 6 dressed as umpa lumpa from Charlie and the chocolate factory. His sister Lacie-Mai aged 2 as dressed up as spider women as her brother lives Spider-Man
Varuca Salt and her golden egg !! world book day 2018
Olivia age 8 -Matilda Oscar age 1- Paddington bear
Daniel, aged 4 as Peter pan off to Neverland aka nursery at St Catherine"s Nursery in Horwich.
Madison ryder age 8 Gangsta granny
Priya Jawando-Ali AGE 4 Dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast
My very own chase 😊 “chase is in the case” My gorgeous 3 year old grandson Nova
Tymon (11)
Tymon 11years old as the white rabbit
Imogen Carroll aged 8 years old My little Dorothy from wizard of oz ❤️
Rhys aged 10 as The Joker Harper Lee aged 3 as doc Mcstuffin
Olive Broome age 4 (5 on Monday!) as the bookworm Matilda 📚
Charlie, age 4, dinosaurs love underpants
Mu daughter Brooke (aged 3) as Mary Poppins and my niece Maisey-Leigh (aged 6) as Annie
Ethan - Aged 6 Kai from Lego Ninjago
tanaysha johnson age 9 from oasis academy harpur mount
Been like this since 7am in the morning!!
My gangsta granny
Mesne Lea primary # Roahl Dahl theme
Our 8 year old Katie dressed as gangsta granny
Carter - 4 years old - oompah loompah
Corley Thomas Age 5
Teddy aged 3 from Stalybridge The cutest Thor youll ever see!
Barney aged 3 as Bernard the robot
Louie-jay Snell Aged 8yrs Dressed As Mr Bean
Maddison age 5 xx
Ciàn aged 4 loves peppa pig
Olivia and Lottie best friends aged 9 and 10 as the ballerina twins
Aayan 5 (Charlie Bucket) with Mrs West (Poppy) From Manley Park Primary School
Alexander age 8 as the Demon dentist (David walliams) and Benjamin age 3 ready for the gruffalo day at nursery.
Rayan 6 (Beegu) Aayan 5 (Charlie Bucket) Aariz 4 (Wally)
Veruca salt #Charlieandthechocolatefactory
Laim aged 7 as Mr Stink
Livy 7yrs (horrid Henry) Ella 4yrs (Dorothy wizard of oz)
Cody age 10
Coby hilton age 11 years old
Where are the Wallys??! (Elliot, aged 7)
Gangster granny Annaliese aged 9 upset school was closed
Polly Palmer age 5 dressed as her favourite book character! #thestormywindblew
Izzie, aged 9 as an Oompa Loompa
Cheshire cat Tillie age 8 and Vamparina Hannah age 4
Hattie age 2 dressed as Snow White and Liam age 5 dresses as Fred The Fire Sneezing Dragon
Laura age 6 Serena age 4 As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Erin, aged 6, as Hermione Granger.
Gia Oakley age 8 medussa
Charlie Jacob Cookson - Peter Pan - Age 3 from Chorlton
Liam age 7 and Riley age 5
Mummy’s very own horrid Henry
Riley age 5
Maddison Burnside aged 6 dressed as the mad hatter
Zack age 5 as a lost boy from Peter Pan. Sophie age 7 as Angelina ballerina. Dylan age 10 as the boy in the dress.
My very own Wally - Harry Rigby-Hughes, aged 5
Zack, aged five, as a lost boy from Peter Pan, Sophie, aged seven, as Angelina Ballerina and Dylan, aged 10, as the boy in the dress
Elisabeth, aged 5, is dressed as the lion from Dear Zoo for a home education World Book Day meet up
Ava Rose, aged four, as Cruella de Vil
My Goldilocks, Anni-Rose, aged 3
Daniel Dean age 5 as The BFG
Caelan aged 5 and Alvie Joe aged 1 Pirates and Aliens Love Underpants
Delilah Lily age 6 as The Snow Queen
My little gangster granny Lexi
"We could have all been killed - or worse, expelled!" Nuran, aged six, as Hermione Granger
My grandson - Carson Caldecott aged 2 as Chase from Paw Patrol
Jayden John Ross-Thompson Age 5 Ethan Colin Ross-Thompson Age 4 My Boys Dressed Up As Gekko And Catboy From Pj Masks For World Book Day
Miley age 9, as cat in a hat for her school hat theme world book day
Kidzrus Nursery children and staff celebrating World Book Day. Can you guess which book we are from?
World book day... The Great Albert Einstein (Logan) age 5 The Beautiful Red Riding Hood (Tayah ) age 5
My daughter Ellie wonka On world book day Age 7 ❤️
Kidzrus Nursery children dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day. We love books and reading every day.
Our very own Gangster Granny! World Book Day 2018
Kidzrus Nursery - a super time celebrating World Book Day today!
Kidzrus Nursery children celebrating World Book Day today!
Kidzrus Nursery children dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day. We love books and reading every day.
Caden Corris age 10 Willy Wonka
Kidzrus Nursery having fun celebrating World Book Day. Our children love books and we read and sing every day. The children have had a super day dressing up as their favourite characters today!
Ava-Lily, age 9, dressed as Cruella, her little sister Edie-Rose age 3 dressed as a Dalmatian
Our two boys, Jack, 5, as the Hungry Caterpillar and Frankie, 4, dressed as Willy Wonka who has a golden ticket an a bucket full of chocolate for his school friends
Kidzrus Nursery children have had a fabulous day dressing up as their favourite book character! We love books and read every day! 📚
Rome Chayse Austin, aged six, as Paddington Bear
Jayce age 8 on world book day ❤️
Lucy Walpole, age four, as Little Miss Hermione Granger!
Lexi Wright age 4
Create your own superhero... meet Danger Woman!
Create your own superhero... meet Watermelon Man!
Stockport Academys Fancy Dress Competition Finalists
Isla, age five, Little Red Riding Hood
Ronnie Ellison Age - 4 World Book Day as Mr Fox (Roald Dahl)
The Things from The Wild!
Alex age 8 Cat in the hat
Jay jay and Kai as Police Amman and a Pirate 💙
World Book Day during Storm Emma
My daughters Phoebe 3 - as Alice in Wonderland, and Rosie 9 months - as Snow White on her first World Book Day.
Daicie as Wonder Woman and Tillia as Harry Potter
My daughters Phoebe, aged 4, as Alice in Wonderland, and Rosie, nine months, on her first World Book Day, as Snow White
Shiver me timbers! It's Christina, from Manchester, dressed as Captain Blackbeard for World Book Day! Arrgggghhhh she's looking fab
Atalia Hughes age 9Yrs. Awful Auntie from David Williams book.
Taylor Maloney dress as his favourite character Mr Bean
Faith as Opal Plumstead aged 12
Tillia Dorrian Carlon age 6
Daicie Dorrian Carlon age 9
Nnnn Nnnn Nnnn Nnnn Batman! Archie Gavin. Ages 2 years xxx
Twins Maisy and Connor Rigby 5 years old
Grace, 5, as Belle
Alfie Thomas, aged three, on his first World Book Day, as The Tiger Who Came for Tea
Scarlett aged 7 from Button Lane Primary School dressed as Gansta Granny for World Book Day 2018
Mad Max Hatter and Little Emma Riding Hood
My name is Keaton and I chose to be the beast out of Beauty and the Beast because he's my favourite
Kayla-Jade as Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast 😊 and Kian as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wondeeland 😊 xx
Oscar (4) As Norman the bumble bear
Maison as Ron Weasley !
Millie Rose Dorrian age 4
Rhys Cottom-Sharrock aged 8, dressed as Podkin One Ear a fabulous book by Kieran Larwood.
Paige as Dorothy
Sophie as Harry Potter
Çinar, aged six, from Manchester, as The Cat In The Hat
Amelia as Miss Trunchbull
Alfie Wain, aged 3, as The Gruffalo
Isaac as Peter Pan
Ruby age 7
Alarna Rawlinson as Cinderella Age 5 Eccles
Bobby Mclennan all ready for World Book Day
Little Miss Sunshine and Maud Spellbody
Snow day! Superman (aka Pheon Healey from Audenshaw) upset that he can't go to his nursery, Georgie Porgies in Denton, to celebrate World Book Day
Brody aged 5, Big skeleton from Funnybones
Daisie Turton, ageD 11, from Button Lane Primary, Northern Moor Showing how to grow the perfect Daisie :)
Ty-James as Captain Underpants Age 9 Eccles
Ashanti Hughes, aged 10, dressed as Rosa Parks
Alarna Rawlinsom as Cinderella. Age 5 Eccles
Remal, aged seven, as Mr Stink
Harry, aged three, from Bury, dressed as Catboy from PJ Masks
Adeena, aged 9, as Mary Poppins
Miley-Rose (4) And her baby brother Ezra (2 months) as Goldilocks and baby bear!
Faith Tumulty, five (turning six on Monday!) dressed up as Marshal from Paw Patrol
Jake Nelson, aged five
Emaani, aged six, as Gansta Granny
101 Dalmatians theme. Charley, aged 11, as Cruella, and Aidan, aged two, as a Dalmatian
Goldilocks and baby bear!
Stevie, eight years old as Mr Skink and Raymond, three years old, as Burt burgers from David Walliams, and Macey, three years old, as Alice in Wonderland - all looking amazing for World Book Day at Abbott School
Faith on World Book Day
Aleena, aged four, as Mary Poppins
Mr Stink
Gracie Laffin, aged six
Steven aged 6, Lilly aged 1 and Emily aged 10
Joshua hawley aged 10 as ratburger by David walliams
Alexia-mae Tallon aged 5 as Goldilocks
Cat in the hat theme for our family!! Cole age 11, Paige 10, Daniel 8, Scarlett 8, Jake 6, Tyler 5, Brody 4, Elsa 3.
Harlie Tallon aged 3 in her first world book day as Little Bo Peep.
Ryan Flaherty
Lola May Wright, Aged 4!
Ryan Flaherty Aged 6
Lillie hawley aged 10 as gangster Granny by David Walliams
Joseph, aged 8, and Reuben, aged 6, as Greg Heffley (solitary) and The BFG (propsposterous). St Simons Catholic School.
Paddington Bear
Ayaan and Ashar 8 and 6 years
Tate age 2 - The hurrier I go..., ...the behinder I get.! -White Rabbit
Jeremiah age 3 as chase from paw patrol
Arabella, age 2
Kai Openshaw (4) A very Proud (Little) BFG
Masen age 9 as a lucky leprechaun for his schools hat theme world book day
Evie (age 9) and Jake (age 8) Johnson , dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2
Mace age 2 -my very own Paddington Bear on hes first World Book Day
Caitlin Smith age 4 from Timperley. The paperdolls, Julia Donaldson.
Tyler age 6 and Tate age 2 - The Lorax and White Rabbit.!
Jacob aged 3 taking part in his first world book day dressed as peter rabbit
My very own Alice in Wonderland! Ruby Moore age 8
Liam and Lola Bradburn age 6 and age 2, dressed up as Captain Hook and The Tiger who came to tea.
Dylan, 5 and Lacey, 4 dressed as Woody and Jessie
Ellie aged 6 dressed as shimmer from shimmer and shine!
Abi Parkinson, (4), going to Nursery in Whitefield as Queen Elsa.
This is my son Tyler age 6 as the The Lorax.!
Laurence Lowrey Age 2 - Mister Rabbit
India Wharton, aged four. She wanted to go as Emi from the book Emi’s Curly Coily Cotton-Candy Hair. Manchester, UK. :)
Phoebe age 10 dressed as Thing Two from Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss
Miss Honey from Matilda
Connor aged 9
Alex aged 11 Holly aged 8 n Lilly aged 6 dressed as Mr stink, Captain Hook an Alice
I’m the Rat of the Highway!
Jake Ashworth age 6 as Abanazar from Aladdin.
Luke Ashworth age 8 as Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Snowed in, but still reading! Emily is miss spider from James and the giant peach
Monsters love underpants! Keane (6) Jackson (3)
Elliott dressed as Grandpa from "Grandpas Great Escape
Jessica 6 /sophie with bfg Jack 10/ Slappy from goosebumps Thomas 3 / monster from not now Bernard
Toby Darby is Belle's Handsome Prince
My little Dorothy, Lyla Dewhurst Jones aged 4
Parker Thomas - Stand and Deliver! I am the Rat of the Highway!
Not your usual costume for a five year old girl, but Silva definitely rocked it out as Horrid Henry!
Oliver Bewley, aged three, as a donkey called Drew, making a hullabaloo at the zoo!
Harry potter aka George Bewley, aged five
Haroon Hussain, aged seven, from Rossendale Lancashire, missed World Book Day due to a school snow day!
Snowed in at Farmhouse, near Lees, on my wedding anniversary! My grandchildren - still making good use of their World Book Day costumes! Priceless memories!
Olivia Kelly (7) from Altrincham read about Emmeline Pankhurst and decided to dress as her for World Book Day.
Stevie as Mr Skink and Raymond as Burt Burgers from David Walliams' books and Macey as Alice in wonderland. They all looking amazing!
Teddy aged 6 as Super Tato!
Eva Connolly, aged 9, from Moston, is the Cat in the Hat
Stanley aged 4 as Incy Wincy Spider 💙
Ivan aged 8 and Escher aged 7
Shay and Blossom Jones, aged 7 and 2 are the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks.
Alex, aged 11, dressed as Doctor Who
Anna Hutchison, aged nine, as an Oompa Loompa
Caitlyn Lehane, aged 5, in Newall Green Primary, dressed up as Jessie! Only girl in her year not to be dressed as a princess!
Kiall aged 6 from Stalybridge 💙
Salford City Academy staff went all out for their World Book Day costume competition!
Cole 9 as Willy Wonka and his little brother Carson 4 as an Oompa Loompa.
Amelia (7) as Mary Poppins Charlie (4) as Fantastic Mr Fox Madeleine (3) as a Unicorn Snow Day at school did not stop us dressing up and celebrating World Book Day!
Noah, aged five, as Nobot the Robot with no Bottom by Sue Hendra. It's a homemade costume!
Introducing Mrs Twit and Harry Potter
Ryan Devlin, aged three, as Willy Wonka
Harrison Tucker, aged six, from Audenshaw Primary School
Paisley as Gangster Granny #worldbookday
Imani, aged seven, as Mary Poppins, and Zain, aged four, as the mouse from The Gruffalo. Don't they look fabulous?
Mireya Power 14 months old is dressing up today as Snow White
Willow, age 5, from Reddish. Dressed as Matilda- accessorised with newt!
Action Man as Frankie Ward, aged nine
From the book Dear Zoo, Leo Booth, aged five, from Wythenshawe
Dorothy, aged four, from St Mary's RC Primary School, Swinton, went as Baby Bear from the book, Whatever Next
Riley (5) as Elmer the elephant ❤️
Rupert, aged five, from the book Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers
Stockport Academys GCSE Drama students have gone all out for World Book Day this year - come sun or snow they were determined to get their hands on Ms Keoughs golden ticket!
Max age 5 from The Willows Primary School Wythenshawe
Tianna from Blackley as Gangster Granny!
Kaylen Webb aged 6 as Gangster Granny
Aliens in Underpants Save the World
My 6 year old son Kaylen Webb dressed as gangster granny for world book day in st Wilfrid’s primary school in hulme manchester
Joshua B from Salford as Where’s Wally
Tom, 6 as Grandpa from Grandpas Great Escape
Liam, 5, as his favourite character. Perhaps a Snow Fox may have been more appropriate today.
Charlie-Jack Lahiri aged 7 from Stockport is Mr Stink!
Noah age 6, didn’t get to show his Willy Wonka costume off at St Stephens RC Primary in Droylsden.
Lilly foulkes age 8 Mary poppins
Molly mines age 9 dress as Gangsta Granny for World Book Day
Charlie shufflebottom Age 5
Our school is open today for world book day! We cant wait to get there to show off our costumes!!
Ronnie age 4 dressed up as the Fantastic Mr Fox all ready for world book day, but school is closed because of the snow
Daniyal Umair age 7 as Harry Potter Zidane Hanif age 3 as The Gruffalo
Amelia Mamwell age 5 in bolton being Lilly bob tale from peter rabbit
What The Ladybird Heard - Grace, aged 4, of Eccles, ready for her first World Book Day.
Sierra Mcfayton age 9 Queen of Hearts
Lila and Harry Cain for world book day with their brother George in the snow:)
Riley (5) as Elmer the elephant
Emily wood age 3
Tess as goldilocks She was so excited to dress up today but unfortunately her Nursary was closed so we have dressing up at home instead :)
Shardai Seddon Spidergirl🕷🕸 Aged 2 Mary Kelly Rascals Nursery
Shaniece 7 a ballerina on world book day
Archie 7 and Arthur 20weeks
Rubi-Leigh Huddlestone aged 7 from Benchill Primary School in Wythenshawe dressed as Laura Ingalls from her favourite book Little House on the Prairie
My daughter Alice Prosperini aged 8 from SS Osmund and Andrews R.C. Primary School dressed as Mrs Banks from Mary Poppins to celebrate 100 years of womens votes.
jenson aged 3 dressed as jenson button f1 driver
Leticia Cunningham Age 9 as Matilda. St Marys Primary School, Horwich
James and the gaint peach and Mr wormwood.phoebe aged 9 kingsley aged 5.
Ulysses Uriel age 11 as a magician, celebrating the World Book Day, inspired on the " Leon and the Place Between" Book.
Madeleine and Connie Leahy ages 10 and 9 Well Green Primary, Hale
Cousins Toby and Darcie, both aged 6, dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione.
Partners in crime, Lexi and Demi from Clifton Primary School as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.
Ellie-mae aged 7 the theme was animals
George as the beast (3 months old) and his best friend Charlie as Peter Pan (6 months old) all dressed up for baby sensory.
Dress up as a word. Luca age 5 Mr bump (clumsy) Ava age 7 Gangsta Granny (old)
Amelia aged 4 as Gangsta Gran for world book day.
George age 9 as the BFG
Alex dressed as the Mad Hatter 🎩💜
Poppy Davies age 4 from Altrincham - Alice in wonderland
Lilly Davies age 7 from Altrincham - Alice in wonderland
Oliver age 1 from Bolton as the Tiger from his favourite book, The Tiger that Roars.
Belle age 5 from Bolton as The Rainbow Fish
Lilly Davies age 7 - Alice in wonderland
Thaps is the case! Our son enjoys watching paw patrol and could not be more thrilled to dress as as chase.
Alexandra Park Primary School in Edgeley are having a vocabulary parade for World Book Day. Evie Sanders (7) has chosen the word blossom.
Our Alfie aged 5 dressed up as the Mad Hatter for world book day. Sale, Trafford
Henley bolger. Aged 6 years old. An humper lumper from larkhill community primary school on Salford
Sebastian Duggan from Oasis Academy nursery. One fish two fish has been his favourite book for years
Casey bolger. Aged 9 years old. Gangsta granny at larkhill community primary school in Salford.
Ellwood - is a Pokemon Handbook dressed as Ash
Harvey Beresford - Mr Bean Harrison Beresford - Mr Bump
Joshua age 8 from Swinton is the Giraffe from The Giraffe, The Pelly and me book by Roald Dahl
Charlie Bucket (Bobby 8) Dantdm (George 5)
Renaé aged 8, Hedwig
Archie- has gone as Tom Gates
Darci-mae Campbell aged 10 from Oswald rd primary school chorlton
Etta is -Thats not my Unicorn
Sienna Collins, 6, from Leigh. Mad Hatter
AJ age 11 Evacuee
Madison age 7 dressed as James and the giant peach
Lexi age 8 Gangsta Granny
World book day the princess and the pea max year 1 st mathews
Joshua aged 10 wanted to copy his aunties dog Daisy
Esmerelda age 4
Cody Clark 4
Tamika Sheridan Aged 8, New Moston Primary School. My Golden Ticket
Harry Rain, 2, from Bury who attends Fairfield day nursery dressed as Mr Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’
Brooke aged 6 from cheadle primary school Dressed as Merida from brave
This is Brandon and Isabella Armstrong ages 6 and 1! Willy wonka and violet beauregarde
Myla -Ariella age 2 Princess sleeping beauty
Esme age 5 and Niall age 10 Paddington bear and the old man from UP
Hermione (Layla aged 8) may have to use a time turner to ensure Mrs Large (Hallie aged 3) gets Five Minutes Peace.
Lexi-Mai Age 9 Clifton Primary School Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum??
My Daughter Faith aged 4 as an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
Declan (4) is ‘StickMan’ for his very first World Book Day!
Rory Smith aged 3 from Romiley as his favourite character, Mr Tickle!
Michael (Aged 1) is Wally today 😊
My daughter Ella Nicole Williams ages 8 dressed as Winnie the witch her school has shut today because of the snow She is gutted she can’t show of her costume to her friends,
Sebastian, 3, as The Highway Rat
Louis, 3, as the Cat in the Hat
Lucy aged 9 as Gangsta Granny and Amelia aged 5 as Mal from The Descendants movie
Tinker bell - Jemima (8), Captain Hook - Hermionie (6), Peter Pan-Otis (5) and Smee - Moses (3)
Eleanor Santos Beech, age 6. Being Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz and with her very own Toto! South Reddish, Stockport
Louis and Sebastian, both 3, as Cat in The Hat and The Highway Rat
Alyssa-Rose and Charlie as Cat in the hat and Steve from Minecraft
Red Riding Hood, Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins! Sophia age 4, Joshua age 7 and Lola Rae age 5 from Timperley.
Dylan age 6 had to dress as a word, he’s a ‘fierce’ Viking 💪🏼.
Claudia age 6 - Hans Christian Andersen
Noah 9 aka MARIO Robbie 4 aka LUIGI
Olivia, aged 5 dressed as the Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
This is Nate who is 6. He has gone to Baguley Hall Primary school today as the Dinosaur that Pooped the Planets
Tin Man Or Should I Say Tin Girl Ruby aged 11
Chloe Warbrick (almost 2) from Urmston as Paddington Bear today
Missy age 8 as Alice in wonderland and Frankie age 5 as Horrid Henry
Hannah Hornby age 7. They were ticky and tacky and Jackie the backie, jim with two noses and jo with a bow.
Patrick Neilson (age 3) wanted to be Zogs Best friend, the red dragon!
Olivia Kelly read about Emmeline Pankhurst and decided to celebrate her for World Book Day.
Laighton morrow age 9, willy wonka...
Olivia ORourke Age 10 As Belle.St Anthonys primary school Wythenshawe
My son Brent age 11. Rivington and Blackrod High School, Bolton. Dressed as Thomas from The Maze Runner.
This is lexi aged 4, dressed up as Goldilocks she loves the story too!
Evie from stockport aged 5. Cruella devil.
Harley and evie from stockport! Creeper from minecraft and cruella devil
There was only ever one thing he was going to nursery as! Peep peep! Flynn age 3, Radcliffe x
Mason Sandiford age 7 as Harry Potter
Molly age 4 and Lucas age 8 as Rainbow Dash and Dumbledore
Our very own Peter Rabbit ready to rock nursery
#celebratingDr.Seuss! #cat in the hat
2 year old Lana Rose Brocklehurst as Goldilocks for her first World Book Day!
Summer (4) Were going on a Bear Hunt at our school we had to designs hats this year
Jack (8) The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at our school we had to designs hats this year
Gwilym’s plane made from cardboard boxes. He read The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall. The hat and scarf are borrowed from a WW2 veteran tail gunner who went up in Lancaster Bombers.
Harry Potter and my lovely little Chase! And School is cancelled 😢
Ethan as Prince Charming. Aged 5
Cora as little red riding hood
Dylan 11 and Ava-Mae 7. School theme is words this year - Blossom and Exclamation.
Abigail as Alice in wonderland Aged 6
My beautiful niece dressed as Goldilocks
Gracie Laffin - Aged 6 as Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka
Oscar Marks aka Dory ready for world book day at nursery.
Lewis Caudwell, age 7 as Harry Potter.
Mason (2) dressed as his hero Peter Rabbit x
Harry Potter aka Roann Brookes age 9 from Riverview Primary School in Salford
This is me and my presenters on Corbyn Entertainment HQ on Facebook and I’m dressed up as Dennis The Menace Corbyn Ellis 15
Cat in the Hat Made by myself and my daughter.
Matthew Dowden aged 2 going as Chase from Paw Patrol
This is my son Ethan 11 as his favourite David Walliams character Burt from Ratburger.
Jack, who turns 7 on Monday, is dressed as Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat.
Khalam Zaka (aged 5) as Stickman
Xander (4 months old) from Urmston and his beauty Bonnie (4 and a half months) ready for baby sensory!
Eesa Punnu is the captain America
Harris Punnu is Bumblebee
Maisie age 3 first world book day !!
Ella Royle from Little Hulton dressed as Mrs Twit
Olivia Folliard age 6. Thank you Auntie Kate for making my outfit
Mireya Power aged 14 months old dressed up for World Book Day at Debbie Day-Care in Northenden
My grandson Theo looking good as ‘ The Evil Pea’.
Frankie Cross Age 2 going to playgroup as Chase from Paw Patrol
Alex Royle as a ghostbuster
Or school had a bear theme so my little boy Freddie has gone as the bear from Whatever Next in his rocket
Our school had a bear theme this year so my twin girls Poppy and Heidi have gone as Care Bears and my little boy Freddie has gone as the bear from Whatever Next